hej and welcome,

I like to explore the sound inside things and places, their resonances and vibrations. I am interested in basic textures and tissues that weave an auditive and performative experience. Those can be very simple but yet complex, complex but yet simple.

I often work with material and sounding objects that I find or that had encountered me by accident during a stay in a specific place; either on the street, in a place or simply by meeting people who provide objects or instruments to let me experiment with.
The practice of deep listening in several spaces and places is another tool to find and receive sounds that inspire me to investigate further.
I had found this way of working to be a curious and experimental one; starting a sound journey with the unknown and letting things come together like a puzzle piece.

Examples here and here

I like to invite other people, artist, musicians to improvise with me on the clothline, play a telephone box concert or looking onto a shopping street while stitching sounds in their backs.

I am also giving workshops on building simple electronic music circuits, soldering and composing with contact microphones with focus on live performance and embodied presence.

If you are interested in any sort of collaboration, I am happy to hear from you!


synthietacticalorder (at) gmail (dot) com