During my residency at Avatar in Quebec / Canada in 2014, I invited locals (artists, non-artists, musicians, non-musicians) to take part in the Placard Headphone Festival. The Placard Headphone Festival is a live concert for audience and headphones which is streamed at the same time on the web.
Le Placard

The line up was:
animaux. - .chansons. - (+)
flora. - .grand piano feedback. - (+) - tapes, tapeplayer, piano on a tape, mixer, feedback..
Play with Food. - .Carol-Ann's TV dinner. - (+) - .Amplified food sound.
nataliya. - .coagulations. - (+) - .amplified surfaces and touch.
Schönberg a un coeur de machine. - (+) - . au ralenti, bruit de du quatuor pour cordes No 1 en Ré min, bruit de machine.
PL. - .7 (The Straw of Memory Okuno). - (+)