A: give me a call, soon.
B: I don't think I will ever call.

A: How are you doing?
B: I am not doing at all.

A: I wish I would be like you.
B: Me, too.

A: I don't like carrots.
B: I don't like you.

A: I am so special.
B: haha.

A: when I look outside I see clouds reminding me of sorrow and tears.
B: who needs pathetic statements.

A: I am depending on you.
B: who needs pathetic statements.

A: I like to sit by the sea and listen. just you and me.
B: romantic error. romantic error.

A: don't you think?
B: not as you do.

A: you are so negative. what happened?
B: mind you own business.

A: thank you, it was lovely to talk to you.
B: ?