here we go:

navigation within the symbolic order, trying to detach, trying to match.
my personal structural disorder becomes the message or the message becomes structural disorder.

or maybe it is all the same here.

relatedness. really?
scream: lack! lack! I am missing the gap! where did you put it?

desire here, there, everywhere. I try not to take my desires too seriously.
outsourcing myself. you gotta listen or you gotta listen anyway.
my voice. voice, my? I?

you are supposed to be! at least.
a constant wanting to outsource its own disgust.
a neoliberal paradigm of self-constitution while at the same time being its absolute negation.
trying harder, trying faster. pretending to.

needless needed categorizations. a structure.

I am quoting myself.
you are quoting yourself² .

² I am quoting myself